Mentor and Mentee Benefits

Mentoring plays a key role in developing one’s career. In today’s complex business environment, mentoring is crucial in helping professionals and aspiring students to grow, develop and learn new skills under the direction and guidance of an experienced mentor.


IACS will play the role of a social marketplace or a forum by bringing together mentors -who have a passion for guiding others, based on their own experiences and talents and mentees - who aspire to grow personally and professionally outside the job or college setting.


However, this mentoring partnership is an initiative between the mentor and the mentee who come together to share their experiences and expertise to help with personal and professional growth, under the guidelines provided by the IACS. 


We at IACS believe that the key to successful mentoring is a mutual effort between a mentor and mentee, to recognize and respect each other’s strengths and differences, clarify expectations and roles along with establishing and executing a clear action plan.


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