Keerthana Nunna - Testimonial

Keerthana Nunna

I have been learning about the United States government since grade school, and it has always fascinated me. I remember learning about the three branches of government in school and how there are so many processes in place to protect the rights of the minorities. Many people immigrate to America from all over the world because of all the opportunities we have to offer. I want to be a part of this amazing government that has attracted millions people to pick up their lives and move. I want to have a greater role in the democratic process, and I am truly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to this summer by interning in Washington D . C.

As a senate intern I assist ed staff with research, summarizing readings, and other tasks. I also attend ed committee hearings and wrote up me morandums for staff afterwards. I have learned a lot about the bill process this summer, especially in relation to appropriations. I better understand the fundamental differences between the House and the Senate: the House being the young body quick to act and the Senate being the more deliberative arm of the legislative branch. Prior to my internship I perceived the process as unnecessarily long and inefficient, but now I understand how important it is to go over legislation in great detail to make sure there are n’t any loopholes.

I have also learned what it means to work in a congressional office, and what the daily work life of a staff er consists of: policy research, numerous meetings, and writing letters to constituents. Understanding the daily life of a staffer is invaluable information when trying to figure out which direction you want your own career to go in.

The other part of my work consisted of communicating with constituents. This can be through postal mail, voice mail, talking with them on the phone, or giving tours . Maintaining positive constituent relations is considered one of the most important tasks a congressional intern does, because we are often the only connection a constituent has to the office. As a result my communication and writing skills greatly improved t his summer, as I spent time talking on the phone and replying to their letters.

I was also tasked with administrative work; these skills I gained by simply working in an office setting will carry over to all future internships and jobs, no matter the industry. I learned how to communicate with the staff and ask for projects that I was actually interested in . I be came better at time management and learned to complete projects that were more time sensitive first, even if they were n’t the most interesting.

My position as a Senate intern was not only a great work experience, but it was an in valuable networking opportunity. Connections are important in any career, but especially so in D . C . , and being able to start developing a network while still in college is instrumental in building a foundation to future careers . In DC I was able to not only develop connections at the office I was working at, but also through intern events that were great opportunities if you take the time out of your day to attend them.

The interns I met come from all over America. Though we are all from different backgrounds, we shared a love of politics . A s such I learn ed more about politics and became more aware of current issues just by talking with them during our lunch breaks, or when grabbing coffee after work . We had long discussions about political issues, such as the environment, government spending, and immigration, and I gained insight into these issues by listening to others ’ perspectives.

Washington D . C . as the nation ’s capital is a very historic and interesting city. There is a piece of American history embedded on every street. Some of my fondest memories from this summer are of exploring the city on my days off. I have toured the national mall, visited many Smithsonian museums, and have eaten countless cupcakes in Georgetown.

Overall, this internship taught me about government, and what it means to work on Capitol Hill. The skills that I learned this summer are applicable in all industries, s o no matter where my career goes, this has been a very useful internship, and has been an extremely enjoyable experience.