Membership Dues:

Annual Membership (Paid in full) $75 Calendar Year
Annual Family Membership (Paid in full) $125 Two adults of a household.
Student Membership (Paid in full) $50 Valid Student ID/College Email Id (.EDU) required.

Become a Member

Is the membership available only for specific groups? Membership is available to all people that are eager to learn, share their knowledge and are aspiring in their career development.
How long is my membership valid for? It is valid for a calendar year (January - December).
Can I attend IACS events without being a member? Yes, you can attend any IACS event as a non-member, however, access to member pricing and benefits would not be available.
If I am an IACS Member at one chapter, can I attend events at other chapters as a member? Yes. All IACS events, irrespective of locations, are encouraged for all chapter members and non-members.
Can I add or replace member(s) in the family membership? As family memberships cannot exceed more than two per household, members can add one additional household member residing in the same household and/or address to convert from Single Membership to Family Membership.
Can I transfer my membership to other family members? Membership cannot be transferred from one individual in a Family to other.
Can I transfer my membership from one chapter to the other chapter? Yes, transferring memberships between chapters is allowed.
What if I pay and discover I am unable to attend an event at the last minute? Can I get a refund? Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the events that were missed and individual cases may be discussed with member experience
Are job postings specific to a platform? Job postings are specific to Sponsors needs and requirements. Please check our sponsor’s background for more information from IACS website.
Where do we get job postings from? Is this like, etc..? Job postings listed on the IACS website are provided by sponsors and are purely informational.
If I apply to a job posting, am I guaranteed an interview? IACS does not guarantee an interview, as the application process is determined and could vary by each sponsor or company looking for applicants and/or candidates.
Can I choose my own mentor or will one be assigned to me? Mentorship assignments depend on a mentee's aspirations, skillsets and the availability of mentors and their field of expertise. Mentor will be assigned based on individual needs.
If I am a local chapter member, can I make use of national benefits? Yes, Members can utilize career expo, job postings, internships and webinars
I am a member. Can I volunteer at IACS? Yes. All volunteers are IACS members