At IACS we believe that guidance and support are vital to personal, career and professional development. Our mentors serve as community role models and coaches in encouraging and motivating individuals to realize their full potential.

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What we do

The IACS mentoring program is intended to cultivate the next generation of South Asian American professional leaders through mentoring, skills building, and networking. The program pairs South Asian American professionals with experienced leaders in their field. The purpose of the mentoring program is to engage, excite and enlighten students, young adults and experienced professionals who want to take a more active role in pursuing their career and life interests.

How we do it

Through an online application process, IACS matches participants based on skills, career industry or professional interests. Participants will create a brief profile outlining their educational/professional backgrounds and what they hope to achieve from the program. IACS will match participants with mentors who have the appropriate professional experience, leadership skills and character traits to help them identify ways to achieve professional and personal goals.

As a part of the program, mentors and mentees will define the goals of their mentorship and agree upon a timeline. We strongly recommend that all matched pairs meet at least once a month or more frequently as personal schedules permit.

About our mentors

Mentors participating in the IACS mentoring program represent all functional areas of a business and come from a wide variety of industries including engineering, technology, manufacturing, research, healthcare, financial services and insurance. Our mentors include executives from corporate America, entrepreneurs, academicians and public sector employees,

All our mentors are volunteers who are firmly guided by the belief that guidance and support is crucial for professional and career development

Who we serve

The IACS Mentoring program is open to all college students and professionals. The program is intended for South Asians who are interested in skills building, networking and professional development. Students can pair up with experienced professionals in the field to get some guidance professionals can pair up with leaders in the field to further build on their skills and enhance their careers and leaders can continue to connect with peers to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

How we make a difference

At IACS we believe in advancing careers through effective networking and skills building. Mentoring is meant to exactly accomplish that. We also host several networking opportunities during the year where we invite other influential Asian American leaders to share their career experiences.

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