Vikram Ramesh - Testimonial

Vikram Ramesh

The opportunity to work in Washington D.C. has always been a goal of mine since taking a U.S. government class in high school. I am fortunate to have realized this goal this past summer through the IACS Summer Leadership Intern program. Being a student of political science, there is only so much I can learn from a textbook on the organization of the U.S. government and the public policy process.

As an intern, I provided administrative support for the Office of Senator Mark Kirk by answering phones, writing constituent letters, and running errands for the Senator’s staff. Apart from this work, I was fortunate to have attended Congressional hearings on pending legislation and researched issues relevant to my interests in international trade and development. When the immigration bill (S. 744) was deliberated in the Senate, I assisted the legislative assistants with research on the importance of a strong border and its impact on national security. Doing this kind of research work sharpened my critical thinking skills and helped me become more informed on an issue that I knew nothing of. When I did not have to come into the office, I enjoyed what time I had to myself exploring the many museums and events around the city. My favorite moment was standing outside the Supreme Court when it made its decision on same-sex marriage and realizing that I was a part of history in the making. I became more familiar with the history of the United States and appreciating the splendor of the artifacts I was exposed to. Additionally, I made several new friends and contacts that steered me to look into alternative career options and issues I could not have thought of for myself. I want to thank my family and the office of Senator Mark Kirk for giving me a fulfilling summer with many memories and experiences to reflect on. I want to especially thank IACS for connecting me with the internship and strengthening my resolve to work in politics in the matter of two months.